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   "Gladijator" is a magazine that is dedicated to lovers, breeders and owners of BT, AST and SBT. Its main role is to educate and timely inform all those who are interested in issues related to the breed.
   "Gladijator" publishes reports from exhibitions in the country and from all major events abroad, the news at home and abroad, vet tips, expert articles on the issue of trials, education, breeding, etc. You can also find advertisements of leading breeders in the country in our magazine.
   "Gladijator" is written by leading local canine experts, but we also get a lot of information from our friends from all over Europe. "Gladijator" certainly welcomes your help, suggestions, criticisms and suggestions. Our doors are open for all fans of these races, who want to say something through us.

   "Gladijator" is available only in Serbian and is available exclusively via mail order on eagleblend1@gmail.com, or call 063/440-412.


Gladijator     Gladijator
Gladijator     Gladijator     Gladijator
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